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Mother City, Mother Nature. The Cape Town Carnival 2018

The Cape Town Carnival is a yearly event that brings together artists, designers, dancers, costume makers, float builders, choreographers, students, bands, community groups and the public for a magical procession down Green Point main road.

This year I went behind-the-scenes to the warehouse where the floats are dreamt up and build and to the make-up and costume departments.

What electric creative energy on the day and night! I absolutely love to see the excitement and wonderment of the kids in the crowd.

Shooting the procession itself is tricky ... things are moving fast, big groups of people dancing, you have to make sure you are out of the way of trucks and performers, a gazillion different light sources so I ended up going natural light all the way.

This is a selection of the album, but if you want to see the whole thing, go to

Mother City, Mother Nature.

She had a glowing crown of crystals and flowers on the night.

The talented and dedicated crew who design, build, weld, create, move the gigantic floats .....

At the MAC make-up table.

This shows you a sense of the size of her.

The firefighters had their own float .... much excitement from the crowd!


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