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This film was made as part of CCTV’s series, Faces of Africa.


South Africa has been given the title of the Rainbow nation – meaning that people of all different colors and cultures are now living side by side in what once a divided land.   Although many people aspire and work towards this outcome, unfortunately there is still much division and alienation from each other.

However, there are a few places where different cultures, colors and classes overlap, fuse together and mix with each other creating new communities.


Muizenberg in Cape Town is one of those areas. It’s a small community situated on the coast. It’s an area that’s home to many people from different walks of life – students, travellers, professionals, artists, refugees, retired people etc.

Meet a family that embodies the notion of intercultural and interacial diversity.  Volker is originally from Germany and married Barbara, a South African of so-called mixed race descent.   They have been married for 12 years and have adopted three children, Jomo 11, and Maya 5.  Barbara’s sister Jacky lives with them in a separate flat on the property and helps with the children.

When we started filming, the couple had an application in for a third child and we witness the highly anticipated and joyful arrival of baby Ceelo.

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