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Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018

I saw on Facebook that my friend Petra Mason was coming to town from the US for the Cape Town Art Fair. Get accredited she encouraged, so I did.

Although I've done many many film festivals all over the world, this was my first art fair and I loved every minute of it. It was really fantastic to have so much under one roof at one time - the art, (obviously), the people, the organized talks, the kids, the Pan African Space Station's amazing music, the NGO's . I learned a lot!

I shot some photos and uploaded an album on FB that night, which got a great response and Petra used some of them for her article featured on White Hot Magazine.

Petra noted on FB "Several friends have asked me what I'm up to - writing for contemporary art and culture publications is one of a myriad of arts/culture/publisher projects that I'm busy with.

As breezy as this piece is, it's rare to get this kind of coverage for South African arts published in the USA. Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art goes global.

Thank you and well done to all involved. As I left, I decided that next year, I want some of my photography on those walls.

You can read the article here, click on photo.

Click on the image below to read the story


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