May 10, 2018

Cape Town, South Africa. 

Annual Cannabis March 2018.  

There's a picture of a mature woman at a march, her T-shirt says

"I can't believe I'm still protesting the same shit".   

That's how many of us feel about legalizing cannabis.   

The economic...

March 25, 2018

The Cape Town Carnival is a yearly event that brings together artists, designers, dancers, costume makers, float builders, choreographers, students, bands, community groups and the public for a magical procession down Green Point main road. 

This year I went b...

March 1, 2018

I saw on Facebook that my friend Petra Mason was coming to town from the US for the Cape Town Art Fair.  Get accredited she encouraged, so I did.

Although I've done many many film festivals all over the world,  this was my first art fair and I loved every minute of it....

September 10, 2017

On Friday 07 April, hundreds of thousands of South Africans took to the streets to declare their outrage and anger at the large scale corruption and theft of millions of Rand, firing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, signing of the nuclear deal and a whole lot more! 


July 27, 2016

Marches and protests have long been a part of my reality.  In the 80s we were out on the streets calling for an end to an unjust and violent regime.  

Since then I've been photographing people who have come together in large groups to change their worlds -  fr...

July 26, 2016

A few weeks ago I did some publicity shots for Megan Furniss's new play. Niqabi Ninja.  I wasn't in the best of moods going in, for reasons I won't go into, but all that quickly evaporated when I saw some of the scenes from this 45 minute gem!  The topic, script, actin...

June 29, 2016

I’ve always preferred shooting using natural light, I’ll use studio lighting or flash if I absolutely have to.   In the old days, this resulted in many under-exposed frames.  But nowadays with camera’s being so light sensitive and being able to use a higher ISO without...

June 28, 2016

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes.
But when you photograph people in black and white,
you photograph their souls!”
Ted Grant

My very first formal photographic training was in black and white. 

Greyscale, dodging and burning were thin...

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